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Many people are discovering the convenience of syndicated newsfeeds. Using newsfeeds, you do not have to visit the site to read its content. A program called a web aggregator fetches and presents news from multiple web sites for you.

Some forums on this site may be read by members only, or require that you to subscribe to an appropriate usergroup. Normally, these forums would not be accessible as a public newsfeed. However, this site is enabled with SmartFeed. This is a phpBB modification that allows logged in users to access both restricted and unrestricted forums on this site as a newsfeed. This is done by authenticating yourself with a special URL that you create on this page. You select the forums on this site that interest you that you want included in your customized newsfeed. You can choose the type of newsfeed format that you prefer. SmartFeed supports the RSS and Atom protocols. Make sure you pick the correct format that you need. By pressing the Generate URL button near the bottom of this page, you can see the special URL that you will use. Copy and paste this information into your newsreader to access this site with your newsreader.

If you are new to newsfeeds and web aggregators, we suggest you read this Wikipedia topic. It includes a link to various newsreaders that you may wish to download. You may prefer to access newsfeeds via websites such as Bloglines created for this purpose.

If you have not registered on this site, you can still get a newsfeed. However, you can only select from public forums.
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